About DMM

Well, what to say? I’m 62, married and deeply in love, father of 4 and grandfather of 9. You can look at the pictures and see some of the stuff I like. I enjoy motorcycles, SCUBA, travel, boats, dueling pianos, church music, camping, and so much more.

Musically, I got a BS in music from Campbellsville University in 1984. I’ve been in church music either part or full time since 1982 when I started at First Baptist Church in Summersville, KY. The guy I replaced had just split the church, so, good times. Seriously, I loved them and they loved me. And that’s what keeps a ministry going.

I play piano, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, clarinet and euphonium. (Those methods classes really paid off!) Although I stick mostly to piano and keyboard related instruments. Pretty much everything you’ll hear on this site was made in Reaper using various VST instruments. Among those my favorites are Addictive Keys, Ample P-Bass and Steven Slate Drums. I highly recommend them all. You can actually try out Ample Sounds and Steven Slate for FREE. Speaking of which, I really enjoy searching for the best free plugins. There’s probably a page on here somewhere about it.

Maybe I should’ve led with my faith, but started following Jesus in 1979. The journey has had ups and downs and of course the ups have been God and the downs have been me. But God is good and I will never tire of singing about that.